Whole house renovation in Sussex

 We specialise in renovation projects up to £600k construction cost at all locations in East Sussex and West Sussex. We can give you more ways of enjoying your garden, a kitchen that's enjoyable to spend time in with friends; greater privacy; a view of the stars at night through roof windows, places for work or play, or a house that needs little or no heating. For our whole house renovation service we take a fresh look at your house and garden, help you figure out what's working and what else could be improved within your budget. 

Contact Anil Barnes on 07941 842562. Or send us an enquiry here 

"Reversing the stair was a masterstroke. That made everything else fall into place."

Simone, Ditchling

"The kitchen and garden are now at the centre of our lives. Thank you for helping us realise that"

Kathleen, Henfield

"Everyone who comes here loves what we've done. It's like you thought about all the things we would never have considered" 

Danielle, Cambridge