Home extensions in Sussex

We specialise in home extensions to old and new buildings at all locations in East Sussex and West Sussex. If you are wondering about planning permission, we don't often see planning refusals and your project is likely to run smoothly. We pay close attention to detail (actually like a lot of architects we're a bit obsessive about it) and our knowledge of both traditional bricks and mortar plus the latest building technologies mean your project will tick all the right technical boxes. We manage the construction process and work with capable builders to ensure you are left with a house that's warm in winter and doesn't overheat in summer.  We also like to get our hands dirty with landscape design - if you love the outdoors as much as we do, you probably know being able to use the garden right through the year is a proven way of investing in your own health and wellbeing.

Telephone Anil Barnes on 07941 842562. Or contact us here

"We enjoyed working with you to re-plan the house - it's now completely transformed"

Justin, Hove

"Everyone who comes here loves what we've done. It's like you thought about all the things we would never have considered" 

Danielle, Cambridge

"Discussing your drawings made us think differently about how we use this place. That process has really paid off"

Saskia, Brighton