Re-planning landscaping as part of the design process can result in a better connection of living spaces to the garden. We like to plan areas of garden like outdoor rooms, creating spaces for activities, contemplation, work or play. Axes and routes provide surprise and visual connection. Introducing texture, colour, sound, smell and taste engages the senses. Considering ecology in the handling of rainwater and selection of trees, planting and soil stock connect us with nature through the seasons. A palette of hard and soft materials can play with abstract themes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Lighting creates a magical world after dark.

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"We love the views out to the garden. And the view of the house from the garden"

Simone, Ditchling

"The kitchen and garden are now at the centre of our lives. Thank you for helping us realise that"

Kathleen, Henfield

"Everyone who comes here loves what we've done. It's like you thought about all the things we would never have considered" 

Danielle, Cambridge

"I liked the design and the materials and systems you specified were good. Those things kept us motivated right through the build."

Trevor, Horsham