"Thank you for the report, which turned out to be a mine of information. It enabled us to make key decisions before buying"

Marguerite, Lewes

"Good survey report - particularly your notes on windows, asbestos and drains" 

William, Hassocks

"Thanks for turning this round so quickly - looks like you've covered all the key areas"

Reiner, Ditchling

"A lot more useful than surveys we've had done before. It helped us see the potential of living here"

Helen, Crawley

Which survey is best?

We offer three options

1 Home Survey Report

Gives you a general indication of condition and identifies urgent and future maintenance problems, together with observations which may affect the legal title investigation carried out by your solicitor.  Suitable for properties with standard construction built after 1900 - but may also suit earlier houses if they are simple in layout.

2 Building Condition Survey

Gives you a thorough report on property condition. It looks at how the property is built, what materials are used and how well these will perform. It talks about visible and potential failures, and gives you suggestions for repairs and energy efficiency improvements. Where practical and agreed, it also estimates order of cost for repairs. The building Survey is appropriate for any type of building and is the best value option for anything built before 1900; or of unusual construction, or if you are buying something which needs a lot of work doing.

3 Building Survey Plus

Are you buying a property for its potential? In addition to everything included in the Building Survey, our Building Survey Plus report contains an "Architect in the House" section which looks at the bigger improvements you could make. The property may be well decorated and easy to move into, but how feasible is it to enlarge, alter or renovate, and what would the order of cost be? How could you transform it ?

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